Retrofitted Changan food trucks are popular in Malaysia

Do you remember the delivery ceremony for 50 Changan New Star retrofitted food trucks in Malaysia in 2016?  Those vehicles were given to local charities which sold them at low prices to local low income residents to help them start their own businesses.


In the past two years, Changan Seong Yeong Melaka - Changan's dealer in Malacca, Malaysia - has elevated the truck retrofitting business to new heights.  The company has undertaken more than 100 retrofitted food trucks and used local road exhibition activities to promote them.  Changan sales volume has now risen to second place in the segment and first place among Chinese brands - even though it was previously unknown.

At the beginning of December 2017, Changan Seong Yeong Melaka organized a marathon with the Eastern Hospital of Malacca, the Malaysia Cancer Association, and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Malacca Branch.  A Changan retrofitted food truck appeared at the event site and provided a great service.

Last year, the annual World Heritage Coins Antique Cultural Conference of Malacca took place with the theme of "Changan driving the world."  All kinds of Changan retrofitted food trucks were exhibited.  During the two-day event, more than 1,000 people visited and nearly 100 sales leads were collected.

On March 3rd, Changan Seong Yeong Melaka's Changan Malacca 3S independent store was launched.  During the opening ceremony, the Ali's Fried Chicken restaurant chain which has more than 1,000 stores across Malaysia, was recognized for taking delivery of Changan food trucks.

Ali's Fried Chicken Chairman Lin Quanping spoke highly of Changan in Malaysia.  He expressed confidence in Changan Seong Yeong Melaka's professional services and strong after-sales service corps.  He also said he would plan to buy 100 food trucks over the next five years for online sales.


4 April 2018