Changan is 16-time champ in CCPC opening event

The Opening Event of the 2017 China Car Performance Challenge (CCPC) ended on July 29th in Karamay.  CS95, CS55, and Linmax won sixteen championships via their excellent performance.  Changan Automobile once again became the CCPC champion, extending a run of big wins at the event in 2015 and 2016.

Karamay is famous for the hot, windy Gobi Desert.  In extreme road conditions, Changan CS55 exhibited excellent performance and won seven championships: two single overall, one group comprehensive, and four group single championships.  In SUV mobility and slalom events, CS55 was awarded two overall SUV and four single championships for 0 to 400 meter acceleration, dry road emergency braking, moose test, and the "Zork 360" economic rally race.  Changan was also awarded the comprehensive championship in the compact SUV group through its outstanding performance.

CS95 also has extraordinary capabilities.  It won three single championships in 0 to 100 km/h acceleration, 0 to 150 meter acceleration, and 0 to 400 meter acceleration in the mid and large SUV group.  CS95's wins demonstrated that it is powered by "the strongest core in China."  In an investigation of the GEngine on 2.0T engines in the Chinese automobile market, the engine stood out among 165 domestic and foreign vehicle models and ranked 11th in the world.

On the race course, Linmax also demonstrated spectacular performance by winning six championships in total.  They include one MPV group comprehensive championship and five MPV group single championships awarded in dry road emergency breaking, moose test, slalom, track time trial, and the "Zork 360" economic rally race.

Vehicle quality standards are high for professional events that test core performance of an unmodified, production vehicle.  CCPC has self-evident significance for each vehicle.  The 2017 CCPC in Karamay Station has wrapped up with impressive Changan victories, as well as great demonstrations of Changan quality and performance.  CS95, CS55, and Linmax will face their next high-performance challenges in Dafeng Station.  What will they achieve?  Let's wait and see!

 16 August 2017