CX70 unveiled in contemporary exhibition

The famous "Qincha Restaobar" beach bar in the Barranco district of Lima was abuzz with lights and excitement as onlookers experienced a unique launch event marking the release of the CX70 SUV. 


Peru, specifically chosen as the host country, did not disappoint. As a company which cares deeply about its followers, Changan ensured that everyone - from Peruvian celebrities to the Chinese press to over 50 dedicated Changan drivers - was invited to participate in this exclusive event.

While introducing the CX70, Changan employed a contemporary approach which utilized laser projections instead of the standard traditional slideshow format.  This created a highly vivid, interactive presentation with which to announce CX70's performance parameters.  At the close of the display, guests were invited to test drive the CX70 and experience firsthand what makes Changan's newest model go-to SUV of today.  After all, it was expressly developed for Peru - a country consisting of complex road networks coupled with extreme environmental conditions.

Mr. Wang Huanran, general manager of Changan's overseas department, revealed the reason why they chose Peru to launch the CX70: "Changan is the top-selling Chinese car brand in Peru and we are confident that sales will only increase."  He also thanked the people of Peru for supporting Changan and articulated his ambition to launch more premium products in the South American market.

Pre-sales training

Leading up to this launch event, Changan Worldwide and its dealers in Peru made sure to provide official training to both its regional and local staffs prior to entering the market.  On July 17, 2017, the team began pre-sales training following the conclusion of the official preparations.

Technicians from Chile and Peru were in attendance at the training seminar.  As it progressed, they became fully acquainted with Changan's tech and product offerings.  To establish a common understanding between all Changan representatives, lecturers were flown out to introduce various current and past brand campaigns from the Chinese market.  This allowed trainees to better understand, represent, and trust the Changan brand.

Upon completion of the evaluations, Changan was pleased to announce that all trainees had achieved top-level performance scores allowing them to be certified as official Changan dealers, sales staff, and technicians.  All in attendance were happy to announce that this training would help them provide top quality service for customers as is expected of the global Changan brand.  As an important pillar of success, we believe our training techniques will support the Changan brand overseas for years to come.

 17 August 2017