Changan gets one step closer to championship in Bolivia

Do you remember what we said in Argentina?

"At the next race, our competition will need to do everything in their power if they have any hope of catching up with our boys.  We'll see if they can pull off a shock."

Bolivia played host to the Rally Santa Cruz - the fourth leg of the Rally Codasur Tournament - which took place from August 25th through 27th.  This rally, considered one of toughest in Bolivia, presented a fantastic opportunity for Changan to demonstrate Eado XT's strength and reliability through another standout performance.

The Changan Racing Team performed skillfully once again, showcasing expert technical ability and endurance along the way to another first place win in their category.  In doing so, the team achieved the highly coveted FIA CODASUR 2017 Championship in their category.  If everything goes well in Uruguay, Changan will be the first Chinese brand to win this sought-after prize.  Changan's Racing Team also took first place in the R2 category, shocking onlookers as the car outperformed rivals in a remarkable race.

What are the differences between the RC5 and R2 categories?


  • Standard 1.6L engine
  • Limited modifications
  • 95% of content similar to that of production vehicles


  • Tuned 1.6L engine
  • Modified gearbox and chassis parts
  • Higher performance than vehicles in RC5 category

Although Changan achieved a remarkable victory, we won't be satisfied with just the one championship.  Each and every member of the Changan Racing Team is dedicated to becoming the greatest team, as they continue pushing boundaries in pursuit of the highest honors and successes.

18 September 2017