Changan Strives for Premier Service Excellence in Chile

Changan's CX70 has been particularly popular among Chilean consumers since its summer 2017 roll-out.  CX70's steady growth has taken it to the top rank within this niche market.  Praised by both the press and consumers, CX70 proved yet again that Changan SUVs have the appeal that produces overseas sales.

The company set up shop in an affiliate service facility in Chile to provide a training seminar for some local technicians.  The technical instruction focused on various CX70 features and emphasized three key points of interest:  the power system, vehicle electronics, and the in-vehicle network.  Combining theory with hands-on training, the seminar also included a test section designed to ensure that all technicians are suitably qualified across different vehicle functions.

This technical training seminar has undoubtedly enhanced the skill level of Changan technicians in Chile, guaranteeing that the brand can offer the quick, reliable, and trustworthy service that keeps our customers on the road.  First-class service will make Changan's overseas success a sure thing.

27 September 2017