Changan Met the Challenge of the 2017 Extreme Heat Test

Changan Automobile participated in the Extreme Heat Test in the Persian Gulf for the fourth time.  This year it was expanded to a large-scale event which was integrated with a brand promotion. 

The test team drove across Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.  The test team put many challenges to several CS95s in extreme heat in an effort to understand local requirements of future vehicles.  The Changan marketing team publicized the extreme heat test in advance of the event.

Changan videotaped CS95s being professionally driven in the desert near Jeddah to help spread the word.

The Extreme Heat Brand Activity opening ceremony was held on July 30th at a professional cross-country test site in Jeddah.  More than 140 people were invited to attend, including Chinese commercial counselors to Jeddah, dealership supervisors, big clients, journalists, opinion leaders, and Changan drivers.  Multiple barrier driving tests were conducted to test CS95's four-wheel drive performance.  Test drivers appreciated the SUV's climbing, retreating, and fording capabilities.

On the same day, nine key Persian Gulf opinion leaders and more than 30 media reps attended the test drive and participated in the long-distance extreme test.  A live broadcast attracted a lot of attention and interactive participation. 

During the event, Changan invited its dealers and the local Saudi environmental protection organization to hold public tree plantings in Riyadh and Jeddah.  Changan delivered on its public benefit objective to protect the environment.  The company called on more people to implement environmental solutions. Extensive attention and discussion earned the event a spot in Twitter's Top 15 Weekly Popular Topics.

During the event, Changan held both a product launch and closing session in exhibition halls in Kuwait and Dubai, respectively.  Journalists and opinion leaders participated in a live broadcast of the conference.  A customer even purchased a CS75 onsite.

This brand promotion involved the coordination of eight teams from six countries.  Dealers and various teams responsible for local execution, public relations, photography, and public benefit collaborated for the successful execution of this event. 

Over the course of the test drive, we shot offline activities as well as the hard work of the team.  The professionalism of the desert video shoot approached that of a Hollywood film.  The camera also captured Persian Gulf culture, religion, and life.

Traveling through three countries and 15 cities, a team of more than 20 persons from six countries drove 10,000 miles in ten vehicles over fourteen 15-hour days.  The group trekked on in spite of temperatures which reached 50°C (122°F).  They journeyed from coast to mountain, from city to the desert, and from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf.  Even though the 2017 Extreme Heat Test has concluded, the challenge for Changan never ends.  We strive to enter foreign markets by understanding customer needs so we can offer vehicles that best meet those needs.  This is Changan's continuous mission.

We drove across three Gulf States and challenged extreme heat to ensure that Changan cars are trustworthy - even in very demanding conditions.  How can we make sure our customers stay safe in harsh weather?  What's the secret behind Changan's high-temperature resilience?  During this Extreme Heat Test video, Changan's engineers will share the answers to all these questions and more!

Check out the full video below:

5 October 2017