Changan Participates in Intelligent Transportation Exhibition

On September 14th, Changan Automobile brought its driverless Raeton, CS95, and CS55 to the 2017 Shanghai International Car Networking and Intelligent Transportation Exhibition to promote the company's smart vehicle technology capabilities.

Last April, the Changan driverless Raeton completed China's first 2,000 km long distance test.  This accomplishment was touted by both the foreign and domestic press, as well as by industry insiders.  Many exhibition visitors came to see this Raeton.  Changan's driverless technology has been verified - a solid step in the company's rapid innovation in the sphere of vehicle intelligence.

The full-size flagship SUV CS95 also appeared in the exhibition.  It is equipped not only with the Blue Whale 2.0T GDI engine - which Changan independently research and developed - but also with the TBOX system.  CS95 also sports the "Hello An" intelligent voice system which uses visual, auditory, and artificial intelligence systems to identify and evaluate potential user requirements in two-way communication between car and user.

Changan CS55 also gained much attention in the show.  This SUV is equipped with full speed adaptive cruise control, air bag warning, auxiliary braking, and 360° panoramic images.  CS55 is outfitted with In Call intelligent vehicle connectivity, which can also provide real-time navigation through Baidu Carlife for greater assurance.

As the industry drives toward electrification, e-commerce, and carsharing, Changan is accelerating the transformation of conventional cars to smart cars.  The company is deploying intelligent connectivity.

Changan Automobile has established cooperative relationships with excellent enterprises.  Since joining Mcity,the driverless vehicle proving ground at the University of Michigan in 2015, and since partnering with Baidu in 2016, Changan has also developed comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the field of intelligent vehicles with IFLYTEK, NEXTEV, Intel, and Tencent this year.

In addition, Changan has launched the "Changan Travel" carsharing service. This enterprise is an element of the company's evolution from a traditional automobile manufacturer to a modern technology services provider. 

Going forward, Changan Automobile will continue to invest 5% of annual sales income into research and development with a focus on intelligent vehicles.  Changan will lead the global automotive industry in green and intelligent vehicles.

5 October 2017