Changan unveils a new generation sedan: Raeton CC

Changan unveiled the all-new Raeton CC sedan at the Chongqing TMG Art Centre in October. 

This new vehicle combines artistry and technology in what Changan has dubbed "Dynamic Vitality."

According to the Dynamic Vitality concept, a car should be a driver's friend and companion.  That is, it should be reliable and trustworthy.  It should also have a deep layer of emotional connection.

The entire Raeton CC exemplifies style, but the front fascia really attracts attention.  Its aggressive new grille is bold, but elegant.  You'll be captivated from the very first glance.

Uniquely shaped headlights radiate brilliance.  Overall exterior styling is sleek and impactful.

Beautiful design can also be found in the passenger cabin.  Leather materials with a metal console panel and trim make for truly modern style.  The overall feeling is one of luxury.

Raeton CC's dashboard is equipped with not one, but two 10.25 inch, 400 dpi screens.  One is located in the instrument cluster, the other in the central console.  The driver has convenient control of navigation, music, and phone calls - all while remaining focused on the road.

The central console screen is angled 7.2 degrees toward the driver, making it safe to use regardless of lighting.

As Changan's new flagship sedan, the Raeton CC leads the pack with its winning combination of a stunning appearance, smart technology, and safety features.

The Raeton CC will go on sale near the end of 2017.  It will provide a safe, comfortable, yet exciting driving experience.  This ultra-modern sedan is a fine example of why Changan is China's leading auto brand globally.

30 October 2017