Changan teamed up with Mario Hart to conquer Caminos del Inca

Changan Racing driver Mario Hart steered his Eado XT to victory and took the Great National Road Prize of the Inca Trail.  Nearly 100 race car drivers participated in the grueling competition from October 28th to November 5th amidst extreme weather and road conditions.

The Changan Rally Team, led by Hart and powered by a turbocharged engine, won first place in the competitive Super Tourism Category.

To win a race as lengthy and as important as Caminos del Inca, you need the hard work and support of other people who have the same goal.  The team faced tire problems during the first stage, but thanks to their sporting spirit and professionalism, they quickly resolved issues and got back in the game.

"Changan Eado XT works very well, but we did not expect to finish first in the category and sixth overall.  It is a great joy to win a champion in Caminos del Inca," Hart stated.


27 November 2017