Raeton CC: The car of the future - today

On December 20th, the Raeton CC was launched in China.  A glitzy promotional event took place in Wuzhen where Raeton CC stole the limelight.  This is a new kind of sedan for the Chinese market.


The Raeton CC embodies Changan's new design concept.  From the very first glance, the eye-catching grille and elegant double waistline leave no doubt that this car is a beauty.

Driving is easy in the Raeton CC.  The high-tech dashboard lets you control everything in the car with a simple touch.

The top-of-the-range 1.5L turbocharged engine produces power effortlessly and quietly, ensuring a thrilling but comfortable drive.

The panoramic sunroof provides stunning views of the sky while the air purification system delivers a fresh and gentle breeze.  Also, the long wheelbase accommodates a spacious interior.

The Raeton CC is the car of the future.  Luckily, you can drive it today.


5 January 2018