The next gen Eado: A new legend is born

Changan Automobile unveiled the 2nd generation Eado on January 16th in Chongqing, China. Its elegant design, premium quality, and smart technology are sure to make it a favorite among Changan fans.

A powerfully beautiful exterior

The latest generation Eado inherits its design aesthetics from the Changan Raeton which continues to enchant consumers. Elegant design is combined with vibrant styling to create a modern-day masterpiece.

An Interior of intricate details

The 2nd generation Eado can provide much more than beauty. It comes equipped with a cutting-edge, multi-functional touch screen and 'Forest Air' purification system to ensure a premium driving experience every time.

The best is yet to come

As one of Changan's star vehicles, Eado is a classic in terms of both sales performance and reputation. The 2nd generation Eado will surely continue this successful story. It will be a new role model among many in the ranks of Changan Automobile.


19 January 2017