All-new CS35 unveiled in Chile

The all-new CS35 was unveiled in Santa Cruz, Chile on January 24th.  Its attractive appearance, excellent performance, and cutting edge tech won admiration from media reps in attendance.


On the morning of the event, more than 20 automotive journalists drove the new CS35 with Changan dealership personnel in Chile.  The dealers explained its operation as well as benefits of features such as auto-parking.  Afterwards, the journalists complimented the SUV on its stylish exterior, comfortable interior, and overall power.

To promote CS35 before its official launch in February, local dealers participated in a warm-up campaign on radio and social platforms.  The campaign gained massive social buzz.  Changan fans in Chile commented that they wanted to take it on a test drive straightaway. 

During the event, more than 100 sales consultants from throughout Chile were trained to better understand all the ins and outs of the CS35 so that they can provide better customer service once the car is launched.


9 February 2018