CS75 Launched in Bolivia

At the beginning of 2018, Changan launched the 1.8L turbocharged CS75 in La Paz, Bolivia, the world's highest elevation capital city.  Its rugged land and rolling hills made La Paz the perfect location to showcase CS75's powerful performance on challenging terrain.  Local journalists clamored to attend the launch event.

Several CS75s transported excited local reporters 28 kilometers over rough roads on the way to the event where the SUV's great performance was demonstrated.  Javier, general manager of Changan's Bolivian dealer Imcruz, welcomed the crowds to the launch event.  Ms. Brenda, Changan's brand manager, introduced CS75 and highlighted its strong product features and sales performance in other regions.  The journalists present knew they had a star on their hands.

The 1.8L CS75 is Changan's answer to the problem of tricky driving conditions in La Paz.  It will no doubt enhance Changan's reputation in the area.  By cooperating with local dealers in Bolivia, Changan aims to have many more CS75s tearing through the mountains.


20 February 2018