CS95 is launched in Kuwait

Even though the temperature was around 104 degrees, something even hotter was taking place on May 6th when CS95 was launched in Kuwait.  Launch event attendees included Changan Automobile Vice President Gong Bing, Changan International Corporation General Manager Xiao Feng, CS95 Project Director Cheng Zeliang, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Kuwait Cheng Yonghe, and Al Qurain Automotive Trading Company General Manager Salem Mutawa.  There were also board members, journalists, and potential customers in attendance.


Mr. Salem welcomed Changan's leaders.  Mr. Gong shared the company's recent achievement and also introduced the products that are rolling out in the Gulf region, saving CS95 for last.  Changan Kuwait Distributor Group Chairperson Fatooh al Mutawa also spoke on behalf of the board and then exchanged gifts with Gong Bing.  They expressed confidence in the Kuwaiti market and optimism about CS9's potential success.

During the product review session, Mr. Gong took up the mantle of a salesman.  He not only introduced CS95's four-wheel drive system, power system, chassis and engine, but also interacted with future customers and patiently answered their questions.

CS95 attracted a lot of attention at last year's Extreme Heat Challenge.  During the month-long test, CS95's outstanding performance captured the hearts of customers and potential customers.

CS95 has now arrived in Kuwait and is demonstrating that it is worth the wait.  Its exceptional appearance and powerful performance present customer appeal as CS95 continues to launch in Gulf region countries.


16 May 2018