Changan supports Código Azul event in Chile

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera recently announced the start of a new, nationwide program that expands services to those suffering from homelessness.  Dubbed Código Azul, this initiative provides greater protection to homeless people during cold and inclement weather.  Changan A500, with its flexible configuration, was purchased by Chile government as the designated vehicle of this endeavor.

The launch ceremony was held at the central train station in Santiago, Chile's capital.  President Piñera said, "When our homeless people are wandering on the street, we can't ignore the fact that many of them have lost their lives because of the bad weather.  All of us must work together to show mercy and love.  They should not only be the responsibility of government, church, and charities, but the responsibility of each Chilean people."  He also said that at least 15 Código Azul activities are to be conducted in Santiago, Coquimpo, Valparaiso, and Bío Bío.

In addition, the government of Chile has adopted measures such as using low temperature warning systems, expanding shelters, and sending more service vehicles to guarantee a successful result.  As the designated vehicle of the program, the A500 communicates Changan's spirit of charity in the local communities that our employees and customers call home.


21 June 2018