Radovan Miucic wins Best Contributions in Technology Award

Since joining the Changan US R&D Center in September 2015, Senior Intelligent Vehicle Engineer Radovan Miucic has been recognized as an authority in the driverless technology field. 

Throughout his career, this computer engineering expert has been sought after for speaking engagements at various industry conferences.  In 2017 alone, he was invited to speak at four industry conferences including SAE World Congress, System Safety USA, and Connected Car Conference and Expo.  So far this year, he has presented at Auto.AI USA, SAE World Congress, and TU-Automotive Detroit.  And that's just for starters.  Dr. Miucic has been published 22 times.  And he's been awarded eight patents.  In addition to all that, he has now earned an honor from Changan Automobile: The 2017 Best Contributions in Technology Award.

Employees who accelerate technological advancements, achieve excellent results or acquire patents, lead teams, and mentor junior engineers are considered for this annual honor. 

Driven by a goal of safer transportation

"I dream of the collision-free world.  I am happy to contribute to connected and autonomous development within Changan, which will bring us one step closer to that dream."

Over the course of the year, Dr. Miucic led the development and demonstration of a number of new connected and autonomous concepts.  New technologies developed in the V2X (vehicle to everything) group include target classification (improved with usage of path history information), several new V2X apps such as left turn assist and non-line of sight virtual reality, collaborative perception (where camera-detected vehicle information is shared via V2X), and haptic seat warnings through collaboration with the human machine interface (HMI) team.  Dr. Miucic also led the development of V2X based platooning (driverless vehicles traveling in a caravan) - initially in simulation and later in actual Changan vehicles.  He demonstrated this technology with the V2X group during a vehicle demo in June.  "Effective collaboration is the key to technical success.  During demo development, our V2X group collaborated with other teams such as HMI and controls."  These efforts furthered Changan's driverless vehicle programs through effective hands-on research and proof of concepts demonstration.  Research and innovation represent the path to success in today's extremely competitive world.

An inspiring researcher and leader

"Radovan is not only a great engineer, outstanding leader, and team (player)," but also a person who is willing to listen and teach," said Ashish Sheikh, connected autonomous vehicle researcher.  "Time spent with him on each and every project and task is a valuable experience for me.  He always inspires me with his work.

In addition to his work on CAUS autonomous driving programs, Dr. Miucic is collaboratively researching with Michigan State University and has coauthored a conference paper.  Beyond his work for Changan, Dr. Miucic has been an adjunct professor of electrical and computer engineering at Wayne State University since 2012.  He has even found the time to author a book, "Connected Vehicles: Intelligent Transportation Systems," with chapters contributed by a leading V2X expert from industry and academia.  Publication is expected by yearend.

"I am deeply honored and happy I received this award," Dr. Miucic said.  "I'm glad to be given a chance to contribute to the Changan technical portfolio."


3 August 2018