Changan's Fan Festival welcomes overseas fans

On the evening of August 22nd, Changan Automobile's third Fan Festival was held at the Chongqing Grand Theatre.

Eight Changan fans came from Russia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Lebanon.  After their arrivals, the overseas fans appeared to be more enthusiastic and curious than tired.

The morning began with a new vehicle test drive.  After listening to the staff's detailed introduction to the CS75 PHEV SUV and related driver training, the fans eagerly experienced the vehicle's intelligent functions, such as remote key control and automatic parking. 

Fans were quite impressed.  They recorded their experiences on their mobile phones.  Some were interested in purchasing a CS75 PHEV and inquired after pricing.

We learned that some of the overseas fans are very musically talented.  We wanted them to know more about Chinese culture, so we taught them a song that would be performed at the Fan Festival called, "How Much I Love You."  Enrique Valderrama, a fan from Chile, quickly learned the chorus of the song.

The fans were still singing when they returned to the hotel.  Mr. Valderrama said that the song had become his new ringtone and that such a great experience would excite him forever.

The fans' kind words and enjoyable experiences are Changan's best reward.  Thank you for your support and trust.  We look forward to more fun activities.


30 August 2018