Changan will cease production of non-networked vehicles within two years

Changan Automobile recently announced that it will stop producing non-networked vehicles by 2020.  Under the guidance of the Dubhe strategy, the company will transform from being a traditional automobile manufacturer into an intelligent travel technology corporation.  The strategy gets its name from the star located at the top tip of the Big Dipper's bowl.


The Dubhe strategy will determine how to cultivate the future car as an "automotive living mechanism" that also acts as travel manager, security guard, companion partner, housekeeper, and work assistant.

In addition to producing only networked vehicles in 2020 and beyond, Changan in-vehicle functions will be totally voice-controlled in 2025.

At the same time, Changan will open up a technology innovation platform that integrates technology companies and internet and supplier resources to form a three-dimensional transportation ecosystem.  Changan will also continue to engage resources in autonomous driving, intelligent interaction, and intelligent interconnection.  In 2025, five global experience centers will be established to capture and leverage customer experience data.

The announcements were made at the Dubhe intelligent Strategy Release Press Conference which will become another milestone in the history of Changan's intelligence development.  The company will create the ultimate product experience, enable future three-dimensional travel, and lead innovation in the smart car industry, promoting the development of automotive intelligence and building the most intelligent vehicles in China.


31 August 2018