Changan introduces new retail concept

Changan Automobile has opened up a brand-new sales channel that allows customers to shop vehicles in a new way.

"Car for Better" Auto Mall is Changan's first offline experience store.  This new concept presents an innovative brick-and-mortar experience.  Opened in Chongqing's popular shopping mall, Car for Better allows customers to encounter Changans via novel leisure-time activities. 

After shopping, Car for Better is a great place to have a drink and relax, or to make use of the available iPads.  You can also take a closer look at your favorite vehicles and listen to the consultant's in-depth introduction.  Smart technology can also be experienced via 4D virtual reality and brain-controlled racing.  Changan merchandise is conveniently available for purchase onsite.

Brain-controlled car technology detects the signal from the driver's brain through a head-mounted device which adjusts vehicle speed accordingly.  It's not a dream; the future of vehicle control has arrived in brain consciousness technology.

In the virtual reality world, one can choose to feel "fast and furious" by selecting the appropriate vehicle and road scene.

Changan is committed to providing a pleasant, comfortable driving experience and friendly, efficient service.  Car for Better Auto Mall is one element of the company's quest for customer satisfaction in all areas of its business.


10 September 2018