CS55 launches in Ecuador

Changan Automobile recently held a spectacular launch ceremony in Ecuador for CS55 - it's global strategic model. 

The grand opening of Changan's second network in the capital city of Quito was also celebrated at the event.  The company has now established six networks since entering the market last December. 

Several local reporters, industry peers, and potential customers were invited to the event.  Xiao Feng, general manager of Changan International, Ban Shenzhen, regional director of South America, and Ran Kui, vice minister of the Changan Automobile Products Department, also attended the event.

Mr. Xiao discussed Changan's rapid development of the past two years, as well as CS55's highlights and features.  He thanked all the guests for their longstanding love.  Changan will give back to customers by offering the best vehicles and service.

With CS55's launch, Changan now presents a complete SUV product lineup for local customers.  We expect to perform better in the market and achieve higher sales.


30 October 2018