Raeton CC awarded 5-star C-NCAP rating

The China Automotive Technology and Research Center recently released the first batch of test results under the new 2018 C-NCAP standard. 

Raeton CC is Changan's first model to be evaluated under the new standard.  With a comprehensive score of 86.9%, Raeton CC attained a C-NCAP 5-star rating and became the first safety practitioner under the new standard.

The evaluation standard is now more stringent.  It not only changes the side impact barrier and improves the speed of the whipping test, but also increases the air curtain requirements for extra points.  This new standard also raises the bar for the autonomous emergency braking system test and evaluation, as well as for the pedestrian protection test and evaluation.  For the first time, the C-NCAP standard is at the same level with - or higher than - that of European and American international crash tests.

From the very beginning of Raeton CC's research and development process, Changan has endeavored to meet international safety standards, strictly control the body structure and material selection, strengthen the B-pillar, and continuously improve the passenger ride area for maximum passenger protection.

The collision speed of the 2018 C-NCAP whipping test was increased from 15.65 km/h to 20 km/h.  Raeton CC was prepared with a seat frame that can protect the human spine well after collision.

For the anti-tailing test, autonomous emergency braking early warning assist and adaptive cruise control can trigger an alarm or active braking according to the degree of danger ahead.  In addition, Raeton CC is also equipped with an active braking system which will take over the vehicle and fully brake, which can further avoid rear-end accidents.

A customer orientation has always been at Changan's research and development core.  The company spares no effort in building vehicle safety and providing consumers with meticulous protection.


30 October 2018