Changan hosts FAN excursion in Italy

The 6-day "Changan FAN Italy R&D Trip" was recently concluded.  Eleven Changan fans spent time traveling through Turin, Milan, and Rome in a spirit of optimism, love, and positivity.


On the first day of the tour, the fans visited the Changan Automobile European Design center in Turin. Established in 2006, it is the company's first overseas R&D subsidiary as well as the backbone of Changan's exterior design.

Changan fans listened to staff members speak about the history of the Center.  They gained familiarity with the layout of the Center and experienced Changan's design concept from the perspective of the designer.  The Changan fans also had an in-depth exchange with the outstanding designers and expressed their own design suggestions for the company.

Time out and about in Turin was also on the itinerary.  Fans also toured Milan, known as one of the world's fashion capitals alongside Paris, London, and New York.  In addition, they explored Rome and its historic, architectural gems.

Changan exhibited its R&D expertise and growth process to fans who participated in this Italian holiday.  It was a rare and valuable customer experience that spread the spirit of optimism, love, and positivity.

The automaker has a user base of more than 17 million. This gives the company a higher mission.  Being customer-oriented, letting fans participate in the future development of the Changan brand, and establishing a new value partnership with users will undoubtedly facilitate Changan's vision of "building a world-class automobile enterprise."  We hope to see more and more faces of Changan fans all over the world. 


2 November 2018