CS55 and CS95 launched in Lebanon

Changan CS55 and CS95 were recently launched in Lebanon.

Among the launch ceremony guests were Sun Nan of the Chinese Embassy in Lebanon, Xiao Feng, general manager of Changan International Corporation, Mr. Walid of the Rasamny Group chairman, and reporters from major media outlets.  CS55 and CS95 entered the Lebanese market as stylish, high-end SUVs.  Customers were amazed by the stylish looks, delicate interiors, and the forward-looking technology of Chinese vehicles.

This launch marks Changan's determination to move the brand up-market.  A year ago, Chinese brands were generally perceived negatively in the Lebanese market. However, through in-depth understanding of Changan Automobile, its high quality and attentive service, Mr. Walid gradually changed his opinion.  He firmly believes that Changan will become the market leading brand.  Changan and the Rasamny Group worked together and fulfilled this promise in just one year.  In 2018, in spite of the overall industry decline, Changan sales increased by 1390% to rank first among all automobile brands exported to Lebanon.

Even though the launch ceremony has ended, the brand continues to engage customers in Lebanon.  Changan's Lebanese distributor recently held an event in the northern mountains that allowed fans to both experience Changan vehicles and enjoy a picnic.

The company's success in the Lebanese market is attributed to its excellent vehicles, professional execution on the retail side, and team cohesion.  The arrivals of CS55 and CS95 shine a brighter spotlight on Changan in Lebanon.


27 November 2018