Changan participates in Baghdad International Fair

Under the patronage of Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi, the Baghdad International Fair opened its doors to visitors.  More than 18 countries and 700 local and global companies representing different industries and business sectors participated.

This international fair aims to encourage investment and strengthen bilateral economic relations between participating nations and the Iraqi market.

The Albakhet Group, the sole Changan distributor in Iraq, participated in the event.  They presented CS35 and CS95 in Baghdad Hall.  Albakhet Group endeavors to be part of this business opportunity and meet with Iraqi consumers who had the opportunity to experience Changan up close.  Visitors were amazed by the high quality and technological advancements of CS35 and CS95.  These models put Changan among other well-known international car brands in the Iraqi market.  The SUVs were showcased in the Albakhet Lounge where visitors were offered a special limited time discount on those great vehicles.

Albakhet has been actively carrying out Changan promotions to elevate the brand in the local market.  This should lead to greater familiarity and an expanding customer base in the Iraqi market.


6 December 2018