First locally assembled CS75 completed in Nigeria

The first locally assembled CS75 was recently produced by way of a knock-down kit at the Stallion Motors plant in Lagos, Nigeria.  Over the past year or so, Changan's project team and local dealers have collaborated to achieve CS75's successful delivery.

However, the production launch is only the beginning.  The product team immediately began local road tests to ensure that CS75 conforms to Changan's global standards, the needs of local customers, and the characteristics of the local environment.  The dealer team also actively participated by providing route planning, security staffing, service station inspection along the way, and advertising.  These preparations were done to ensure road test efficiency.

The CS75 road test project marks a new stage in the development of Changan's market in Nigeria.  Excellent product quality and service have given local dealers confidence in Changan vehicles.  Consequently, they've said they will more actively promote Changan products and further improve the product line to give local customers more product choices and a more comfortable driving experience.


12 December 2018