Changan looks to move beyond auto manufacturinging

Changan Automobile is committed to producing vehicles that are smart travel companions, while customizing car platforms and services that customers need.  The company endeavors to provide a safe, happy, and worry-free smart automobile experience.



Changan milestones in intelligent technology

  • Completion of a 2000 kilometer autonomous test drive
  • Release of Shangri-la New Energy Strategy
  • Autonomous CS55 drove across remote area in Kekexili
  • Release of Dubhe Intelligence Strategy
  • Eado EV460 challenged 2000 kilometer pure electric test drive
  • Launch of 2000 kilometer pure electric vehicle test drive
  • Launch of CS75 PHEV
  • Achievement of Guinness World Record for autonomous driving

Changan is committed to transforming into a smart travel technology company.  With the goal of building a world-class automobile and driving innovation, the company will build efficiency into the core competitiveness of the organization to become an internationally competitive Chinese brand.  Changan will soon release more products with intelligent features and new energy to meet more customer needs.


13 December 2018