New CS75 and Eado are unveiled at Saudi Auto Show

The 40th Saudi International Auto Show took place last month in Jeddah.  Dozens of journalists and industry opinion leaders were broadcast live from the event. 

Changan Automobile introduced two new vehicles:  CS75 and Eado.  Stylish appearances, quality interiors, and rich content captured a lot of attention.

Changan, which also introduced the Eado EV460 and CS75 PHEV at the Show, demonstrated its technological innovation by being the only Chinese brand to showcase new energy vehicles.  This aligns with the Chinese government's advocacy for future transportation modes.

The company also exhibited its CS95 SUV which is admired for its superior comfort, safety, handling, and fuel economy.  The 2018 all-wheel drive SUV model was awarded by Bakar Azher, founder and editor of Saudi Auto, a well-known Middle Eastern automobile publication.

Changan is committed to serving the market, creating customer value, and delivering a satisfying driving experience.  With an updated and improved product line-up, Changan has been steadily growing its customer base in the Saudi market while establishing a good reputation.


4 January 2019