Changan distributor delivers new vehicles to customer's workplace

Changan's Ecuadoran distributor recently surprised a local customer by delivering his new vehicles to his workplace. 

The customer, a surgeon, had purchased two SUVs: a CS35 and a CS55.  The distributor packaged both vehicles in a large, recyclable "Christmas gift box" which was delivered to the surgeon's workplace.

When the parcel arrived at the hospital, Changan presented the vehicles via a very special and unforgettable delivery ceremony.

Since launching in Ecuador in 2017, Changan has found success in the market.  During 2018, successive launches of CS series vehicles, participation in local auto shows, showroom investment, and various promotions have helped build brand awareness and sales volume in the Ecuadoran market.

At the same time, Changan has been implementing its "customer-oriented" principle.  In partnership with dealers, the company is providing customers with better, more personalized, and more enjoyable services.


4 January 2019