Changan and Huawei together establish Innovation Center

Changan Automobile and Huawei recently held an unveiling ceremony for their "Changan-Huawei Joint Innovation Center" at Changan's headquarters in Chongqing.  Several executives from both companies - including Changan President Zhu Huarong and Huawei Rotating Chairman Xu Zhijun - attended the event.

The companies plan to increase their collaboration in more than 10 forward-looking technologies including Level-4 autopilot, 5G car networking, and C-V2X.  The goal is to provide a more intelligent experience through the provision of a jointly built, world-class, leading Chinese intelligent, electric vehicle platform.

In-depth technical research on intelligentization, electrification, networking, and car-sharing will be conducted to promote future automotive industry growth.

Faced with continual market downturns, economic uncertainty, and the challenges of accelerated implementation of greater intelligentization and electrification, in 2018 Changan launched its Third Innovation and Entrepreneurship program.  This endeavor initiated the transition away from the conventional toward intelligent and new energy vehicles. Changan also released the "Beidou Tianshu Plan," integrated global resources, and built three industrial clusters of intelligent driving, intelligent network, and three-dimensional transportation to further promote the development of automotive intelligence.  Changan's New Energy "Shangri-La Partner Program" also was launched in 2018 to promote the fast development of China's new energy vehicles.


22 January 2019