The new Changan Hunter 4x4 Crew-Cab pickup is jointly built by Changan Auto and PSA (Peugeot Citroen). PSA is the second largest vehicle maker in Europe. The Hunter is positioned as a new entry into the global large pickup segment, through this Sino-European cooperative effort. Versions of the Hunter will be sold by both companies globally.

The high level of cooperation behind this product is one of the most important achievements for this program. Changan and PSA worked to prepare the Hunter to initially meet the market requirements of 11 countries including South Africa, Argentina and Brazil. This paves the way for the Changan Hunter to enter many international markets. The Changan Hunter will also be known as the Kaicene F70, Changan F70 or as the Peugeot Landtrek depending on the market it is sold in.

In terms of product design, the Hunter is a wide-body pickup created from the beginning to meet the needs of the global large pickup segment. Through several years of R&D work with more than 1,000 technical experts from around the world, the Hunter was designed to meet all of the safety standards set by the ECE regulations of the EU. The Hunter is also deeply integrated into a global supply chain for quality parts from suppliers from around China, France, United States, Germany and Japan. As a result, the Hunter is able to reliably handle a wide range of global roads, environments and regulations across the planet.

In order to meet the overall performance goals for the Hunter program, the chassis tuning for the Changan Hunter was jointly done by the Changan US R&D Center and the Global R&D Center. Incorporating the American technical experts' experience in chassis tuning of hard-core off-road models such as the Chrysler/Jeep SUVs and the Ford Raptor. It is equipped with EATON rear axle differential lock, American BorgWarner full-time differential, Japanese SOMICK full chassis hardware, German Bosch electronic control system and parts from other world-wide parts manufacturers to ensure Changan Hunter's precise vehicle stability and road adaptability. Its 230mm minimum ground clearance, 29° approach angle and 27° departure angle is leading the pickup industry. The climbing ability of 100% slope (45° slope) makes the performance of the Changan Hunter outstanding.

In terms of intelligent driving experience, in order to give drivers and passengers a better experience, Changan Hunter has a cab with width of 1600mm and a cargo box width of 1595mm, making it easy to load, drive and to sit in. At the same time, it is equipped with Changan’s latest generation of IN-CALL3.0 intelligent system, which enhances human-car interaction with functions like voice command, turn by turn navigation, multimedia entrainment, and smart phone APP control and integration. With 360°3D high-definition surround cameras, road departure warning, BAS brake assist, hill-descent control and many other features, the Hunter is easy and safe to drive in difficult conditions. The Hunter is also equipped with an air purification system. No matter how harsh the road environment outside the cab, the Hunter can still maintain fresh air, providing drivers and passengers with a comfortable and healthy experience.

The Changan Hunter has already launched in Chile, Guatemala, Azerbaijan, New Caledonia, Bonaire, Saudi Arabia (March 2021) and other markets. With such a capable global pickup developed with the support of global R&D teams, the production and sales systems of Changan Auto and PSA Group, it is believed that the durable Changan Hunter will make new friends all across the globe.

22 April 2021