Research & Development

Changan US Office Interior

As the sales leader among Chinese automotive brands, Changan invests extensively in the advanced research and development of innovative new vehicle technologies. This commitment has resulted in the formation of a global advanced research organization. With three locations in China and four abroad, Changan's research and development organization is unique among Chinese firms. Each overseas R&D Center specializes in a particular vehicle system:

Turin, Italy - Exterior design

Yokohama, Japan - Interior design

Birmingham, England - Powertrain development

Plymouth, Michigan - Chassis development

The collaborative efforts of team members around the world achieve a synergistic effect, resulting in the continuous implementation of great new features for Changan drivers.

The Changan US R&D Center specializes in advanced automotive chassis technology, including chassis design, performance development, computer-aided engineering, manufacturing processes, and advanced technology research. This location primarily supports our platform teams in the development of chassis systems for future mid to high-end sedans, sport utes, and crossover utility vehicles.

Changan Research & Development