Innovative • Modern • Sustainable • Safe • Affordable

Innovation: Development of innovative new technology is one of our core strengths. We conduct worldwide research collaboratively, contributing to technological advancements in the global automotive industry, while enhancing the driving experience of Changan vehicle owners.

Modern Design: Changan vehicles have leading edge exterior designs & futuristic interiors.

Energy saving: To contribute to a more sustainable global community, Changan is continuously exploring new energy vehicle solutions. Changan Automobile was the first Chinese automaker to mass-produce and sell hybrid cars. The first of Changan's all-electric vehicle lineup, the Eado EV, was launched in March 2015.

Advanced Safety: Changan is a leader in incorporating advanced active and passive safety technologies.

Affordable: Changan offers excellent value at an affordable price, putting exceptional automobiles within the reach of average consumers.

To optimize the product development process, Changan draws from its resources around the world. With more than 6,000 professionals, twelve of whom are recognized among among China's 1000 State Elite Talents, Changan has established a global research and development system comprised of our Design Centers in Turin, Italy; and Yokohama, Japan; and R&D Centers in Birmingham, England; Plymouth, Michigan; and Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing, China.

Changan has established its own product development process, as well as China's first automobile quality test system - which allows us to engineer vehicles to surpass the 10 year/260,000 kilometer (over 160,000 miles) durability standard.

The company is on a mission to thrive as an eco-friendly, innovative, and responsible organization. To further this goal, Changan is steadfastly developing new energy vehicles. We've successfully launched hybrid electric and all electric vehicles which have served in the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai World Expo. These vehicles have been extensively tested and validated across a number of challenging real world driving environments as found in the Hangzhou, Nanchang, Beijing, and Yunnan areas. Changan is continuously raising the bar in vehicle quality, styling, and technology. We continue to grow and strengthen our relationships with customers, employees, and the greater community which we serve. We are striving to make the world a better place now, and in the future.

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